New AKB48 cup noodles will feature girls' personal videos

18 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago
Instant noodles manufacturer Nissin Co will release cup noodles that gives a person who eats the product a feeling of getting Fu-Fu’ed by all 83 members of AKB48, including its Kenkyusei (trainee).

According to a report on AKB48wrapup, the cup noodles (Normal Flavor, Curry, Seafood, and Chili Tomato) Nissin will release have a mark that indicates it contains a QR code for AKB48 Fu-Fu Movies.

It will go on sale on 25th February.

You can watch your a movie AKB48 members Fu-Fu your hot cup noodles just by buying one cup of the special cup noodle which costs only 170 yen.

Why don’t you just go to the nearest super market and grab the cup noodle to enjoy Kitahara Rie’s movie where she unfolds a delusional talk, or Matsui Jurina‘˜s movie where she cranks out gags/puns.

Since the movies were filmed with no scripts, all of the 83 movies give you a rare glimpse of AKB48 members natural selves!The video is one-minute long.

Each video contains a footage where AKB members are doing what they think funny or may please fans, plus their Fu-Fu, which means in the video they are blowing your noodles to make it edible.

One member draws a portrait, imagining a face of fans on the other side of the screen, one member holds virtual handshake event, one member demonstrates her secret recipe to enhance your Cup Noodle experience, adding sesame oil, Natto and mustard to the noodle.

After finished noodles, she then put rice into a soup to make Risotto.

There’s even a member who is singing her original song for Cup Noodle for whole the time.

Every video of the 83 members has a personal flavor of each member.

The cup noodle will hit the shelves on February 25th.

Nissin’s official comment:“This project marks the grand finale of this year’s campaign for Cup Noodle featuring AKB48.

Unlike normal TV commercials, there’s no restriction of the number of videos when they are published exclusively on the internet.

Thus, we figured this is going to be a good opportunity to get people know about members who rarely have chance to make TV appearance.

That’s why we featured all 83 members of AKB48 this time.

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