Netizens shocked: SNSD's Yoona not a natural beauty after all?

23 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

A netizen posted photos of YoonA comparing the way she looked in the past and present in the past, saying that YoonA is actually not natural beauty after all.The topic was hotly debated. The netizen had compared YoonA in Super Junior‘˜s MV and how she currently looks in in SNSD, saying, “Is YoonA, by any chance, not natural beauty after all?‘ reports sookyeong.wordpres.Some netizens have agreed with the post while others thought the assertion was groundless.A netizen said,‘She used to have joo geok (rice scoop) chin. If she hadn’t undergo surgery to correct that joo geok chin, it will appear often. So she is a beauty that is made under the knives.‘Other netizens said, “It is just because of the angle that she was taken from in the MV.‘View more photos of Yoona and other celebs who have had, or are rumoured to have had, plastic surgery in the gallery.

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