Netizens shocked after seeing 'Bambino' group member’s epic wardrobe malfunction

25 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Stills from a recent fancam of a rookie girl group member’s dance performance have gotten much buzz on internet forums due to the epic wardrobe malfunction that can be seen.

The series of images are of a girl group called Bambino as they performed their track “New Thang.”

According to Koreaboo, some have compared this instance to a similar one that occurred recently involving Girl’s Day’s Sojin.

The images show the girl group member dancing in mini shorts and exposing a little more than the audience would have liked to see.

In response to these images, many netizens left their comments expressing terror and disgust: 

"More than not wearing panties, I find her horny expressions even more disgusting" and another wrote, "There’s a reason you should wear panties"

One netizen even said, "Wow we can see everything."

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