Netizens go gaga over babe from 'Uniqlo sex tape' incident -- private texts also revealed

18 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

A sex tape filmed in a Uniqlo fitting room in Beijing has gone wildly viral, and netizens have also gone crazy over what a babe the girl is.

However, her boyfriend doesn't seem to think so.

The clip was leaked onto WeChat on Tuesday night, and by the next day had become a top-trending subject on Weibo, China's microblogging platform, with over 2.5 million searches and posts.

Viralcham published a series of text message in Mandarin here, showing his exchange with another friend. 

His friend asked him if it was "nice."

The boyfriend replied, "It was okay. I have had sex with this ugly girl for quite a few times. Her breasts are a bit small. I was trying on clothes and once I went in she started touching me. What can I do."

He then went on to explain how she was the one who wanted to record the incident, and lost her phone merely after three days. 

Because it got so viral, people have speculated if it was Uniqlo's marketing stunt. However, the retail store has denied it. 

However, the girl revealed an entirely different story to her friend.

She claims that it was him who wanted to record their sex act. According to her, she did not know him and just met him that day after they chatted while buying clothes. 

Her friend asked, "If you knew he was filming, why didn't you stop him?"

The girl replied, "He said he wanted a souvenir."

The girl's friend then scolded her for being incredibly stupid to let a guy do this and to let him spread their tape. 

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