Netizens express their concern after seeing Show Luo on IV drips

27 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Show Luo recently posted a photo on Facebook. It showed him on Iv drips.

In his post, Show wrote that whenever he feels slight discomfort, he would just pop some flu tables. He always reminds himself not to get sick as it will affect his work.

However, this time, Show's illness did not get any better after taking medication for almost a month, reports Asian Pop News.

As he had important work on hand, he decided to be on an IV drip, so that he would recover faster. Show also updated his fans on his condition two days later.

He said:

"Every artists doesn't have any chance to get sick. Even if you are, you are only allowed to have two to three days for recovery! This is because I have an important task in a few days time. I am so much better. Thank you everyone for your concern."

Many fans expressed their concern after seeing his post and urged him to prioritize health over work.

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