Netizens debate extent of Lee Da Hae's 'facial remodelling'

15 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Actress Lee Da Hae drew a lot of attention a couple of weeks ago when she coolly admitted that she had some remodelling done on her face.Such a confession will not go unnoticed by sharp netizens.On May 14, KBS’s “Morning News Time‘ aired an episode where they revisited currently active actors’ 'evil' pasts.Just like any other hierarchical ladder, the one in the acting business requires people to go through minor and second lead roles before starring in a drama.And since having an evil protagonist is not part of the K-Drama formula, it usually falls onto the second lead.Short clips of Moon Geun Young, Yoo Joon Sang and Lee Da Hae playing the evil villains in their respective dramas were aired.According to Soompi, a netizen screen-captured Lee Da Hae from the drama “Sweet 18,‘ which was aired in 2004 to inspect the extent of her 'facial remodelling'And for bigger comparisons, the netizen also added pictures from before in 2001 when she won the “Miss Chun Hyang‘ beauty pageant.Check out the gallery below to do your own comparison of Lee Da Hae from then and now, and have a look at other celebs who've either gone under the knife, or are rumoured to have done so as well.

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