Netizens come together to save life of 18kg anorexic woman after she was rejected by hospitals

28 May 2015 / 2 years 4 weeks ago

Source: AsiaOne

$185,000 (S$250,000) has been raised online to help fund the medical treatment of an anorexic woman from the US, almost double her original target of $100,000.

The woman from California who weighs 18kg is in grave danger of dying.

Ms Rachael Farrokh, 37, has been battling a severe case of anorexia over the past decade, reported CNN.

She made a desperate plea last month asking for help to save her life in a YouTube video titled "Rachael's road to recovery."

What started out as a desire to "drop a few pounds to get better abs" spiraled out of control for Ms Farrokh, who also believes that losing her job and trauma from her past exacerbated her illness.

Over the past 10 years, her weight has plummeted from 57kg to an alarming 18kg. The 1.7m-tall woman is morbidly underweight with a body mass index (BMI) of 6.26 which is far below the healthy figure between 20 and 25.

Anorexia has also left Ms Farrokh weak and bedridden at home. Her husband Rod Edmondson has quit his job as a gym trainer to be her full-time caregiver. In an ABC News report, she said: "I've had heart, kidney and liver failure and osteoporosis for the past seven years." She also said that her body has started to shut down recently.

Her anxious husband added: "Her days are limited if we don't take action immediately."

Hospitals have turned her away for treatment as she doesn't meet the minimum weight requirements, according to Mr Edmondson.

Running out of options, the couple considered travelling to seek treatment at the ACUTE Centre for Eating Disorders in Colorado.

However, Ms Farrokh's doctor advised her against travelling out of California in her frail state. She will be treated by a specialised medical team in her home.

In addition, Ms Farrokh also hopes to spread awareness about anorexia "because it's going unnoticed and there's a lot of shame around eating disorders right now."

After her video made its rounds on the Internet and donations started pouring in, Ms Farrokh tearfully thanked the donors and said: "We're going to make it, thank you."

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