Netizens claim that Korean Facebook star looks nothing like her photos: Here's what she really looks like

7 July 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

A renowned ulzzang on Facebook called Jung Sarang gained much love from fans for her perfect body as well as beautiful face, reports Koreaboo.

However, recently a post was uploaded on a popular online community called, “Pann”, claiming that the girl in question looks completely different in real life.

A photo of Jung Sarang's alleged ‘true’ self was posted on the site. After this post was uploaded, people who claimed that they knew the true identity of ‘Jung Sarang’ began posting on SNS. 

One netizen wrote: "What a shame..Sarang got found out..some people know.. that it’s real...I feel bad for her. She always had a hard time because of her real pictures.”

Browse through the gallery to see more photos of Jung Sarang.

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