Netizens angered by Aimee Chan's move of abandoning her cats

21 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Afraid that they will trigger allergies during the sensitive time period of her pregnancy, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) decided to part ways with her three beloved pet cats by sending them to live with her friends instead.

Aimee shared this piece of news at a recent function and got a whole load of backlash by netizens who clearly disapprove of her decision to abandon her cats, according to East Week via Jaynestars.

They began to bombard her Weibo profile with rants and complaints.

Aimee has lived with her three cats for six years, and when she was pregnant with baby Aiden Joshua Chan (陳梓燁), she decided to give away her pets to ensure both health and safety.

After giving birth, Aimee decided not to retrieve the cats from her friends, as she was afraid that her son would develop asthma from breathing in cat hair.

She shared the cats are currently living very happily with their new owner, and that she may bring them back when Aiden grows older.

However, many netizens felt that it is simply unfair to bring the cats back after abandoning them for a few years. They claimed Aimee only wanted to get rid of her pets and used her baby as an excuse.

One netizen accused angrily, “Even such a beautiful excuse to abandon the cats, you cannot hide your evil irresponsibility towards the small animals.”

Another netizen was quick to add that Aimee’s action was plain selfish.

Aimee was soon compared to Mimi Lo (羅敏莊), who has seven cats at home. In contrast, Mimi continued to take care of her cats even after giving birth to her baby daughter in 2012.

While many netizens blamed Aimee for her decision, some left comments of support and continued to believe that she is a true cat-lover and was just doing that for the sake of her baby.

Aimee Chan
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