Netizen leaks vulgar conversation EXO and A Pink had in online game room

13 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

A netizen came claiming to be the person who leaked sound files regarding EXO and A Pink came forth and revealed how she acquired and leaked the file and publicly apologized for her actions.

A sound file was uploaded onto an online community that supposedly held the contents of some vulgar language that was spoken by EXO and supposedly a member of A Pink while playing an online game.

Regarding this matter A Pink's side stated "A Pink has nothing to do with the recorded file. EXO's side stated, "It is true that the voice in the recording file is EXO."

The file refers to someone called "Haeeppeum," and there have been claims that Haeeppeum refers to A Pink's Bomi, reports an article on Kpopstarz.

On December 11th someone claimed on her blog that she uses the nickname "Haeeppeum," and that she is a rookie named BJ.

The person claiming to be the one that leaked the files continued, "I've been watching EXO members play this online game. As soon as EXO members started the game, they said 'Haeeppeum 1212 come in,' so I found the room and put in the password 1212, and had access into the game room." This was how she gained access into the game and acquired the file.

She said, "I found the chat that EXO members had while playing LOL (League of Legends). Afterward, they weren't chatting, so I looked into TalkOn (voice chat program). As they started playing LOL, they said 'Haeeppeum 1212 come on talk.'

"I installed the 2 programs Team Voice and TalkOn and went from room to room. I found one that was titled 'Haeeppeum' so I typed in 1212 as the password and gained access. I recorded the conversation with my phone, and the keyboard typing sounds are that of my own."

She continued, "Sehun and Baekhyun are my Choi-ae (my favorite celebrities). "[The whole time I was recording] my hands were shaking and my heart was pounding in my chest."

Regarding the portion of the file that was edited, she explained, "As stated in KaTalk, I've edited out the parts that were unimportant. I also cut out the part where Sehun mentioned their address and some other portions. I think I was so upset that I wrote that."

This netizen is currently uploading public apologies to EXO and A Pink on various community forums.

According to a Soompi article, the incident has sparked heated debate as the recorded conversation contains cursing.

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