Neighbours from hell will not make Jessica Hsuan move out

26 February 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Even though her poor relationship with her neighbors is seemingly beyond repair, Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) has no plans to move out of her current residence and believes the whole matter was blown out of proportion.

Jessica was in the news recently when a couple who lives in her building contacted local press to complain about her, reports Oriental Daily and Ming Pao via Jayne Stars

The couple claimed that Jessica has been obstructing their parking spot with her car, and accused her of being mentally unstable.

Jessica later explained her side of the story, saying that the couple’s car often blocks her own parking spot and that she was simply trying to teach them a lesson by copying their behavior.

Jessica also said that her neighbors often shouted profanities at her and her mother, sometimes to her face. She contacted the police for help, but was advised to settle the matter on her own.

Jessica spoke further about the incident at a television show filmed on Feb 24. She stated that she has already filed two police reports and is currently working with the authorities to ensure a safe living environment.

As for her neighbors’ accusations, Jessica feels that the couple was trying to take advantage of her celebrity status. “Many people think it is easy to bully artists. They would take out their cellphones to film and call the newspapers, hoping that the artist would throw a fit.”

Despite the tension, Jessica is planning to stand her ground. “I will not [move]. Is this such a big deal? They seem to think so! There are all types of people in the world, and we will run into them no matter where we go.”

However unpleasant, she does not seem too affected and has turned this incident into a positive lesson. “When I have to portray this type of character onscreen next time, I will know exactly what to do.” 

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