Nat Ho looking for culprit who damaged his car at Jurong carpark

12 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Charlene Chua
The New Paper
Monday, May 11, 2015

If it has happened to you before, then you will know exactly how local actor Nat Ho feels right now.

Ho woke up this morning to find that his car, which he has owned for eight years, had been damaged while parked overnight in the open-air car park in the Jurong housing estate he lives in.

Ho, 30, is hoping that the person who bumped into his Mazda 3 will own up in good faith.

Filming in Singapore at the moment, he had posted this on his Instagram account earlier today (May 11), for eyewitnesses.

Ho has been based in Taiwan and would fly back here whenever work calls.

He told The New Paper: "Of course I was annoyed initially. But I am choosing to appeal to the decent side of humanity. It's a long shot."

Ho guessed that the accident probably happened this morning as his brother had passed by his car in the early morning but didn't see any dent. Ho does not think the culprit was one of his neighbours because they are "a nice bunch".

Ho said that he hasn't made a police report and doesn't intend to because his mother's attempt at checking their estate management office's CCTV footage was in vain as the camera did not cover the parking lot that his car was in.

The chill dude doesn't want to kick up a fuss or get anyone into trouble. Instead, he just hopes that he will receive compensation for the damage.

Ho said: "I just hope for a simple apology and compensation for the cost of workmanship (repair). No more, no less.

"I'm more annoyed about the inconvenience of having to send it to the workshop because I have been filming almost every day. So I don't even have time to send it for repair."

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