Nancy Wu has moved on and might be dating a music producer

4 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

After separating from advertising entrepreneur Patt Shum last November, Nancy Wu was reportedly so devastated that she needed a holiday in New York to heal from the breakup.

However, Nancy appears to have moved on far more quickly than expected, as she may have fallen for 46-year-old music producer Terry Chan.

The two were photographed attending a musical together, arms around each other on the streets, and returned to Nancy’s apartment. Terry did not leave until the next morning, reports Jayne Stars

Terry was spotted effortlessly entering the security code to Nancy’s apartment, a sign which suggests that he man often spent time at her place.

Terry was also very chummy with Nancy’s good friends, indicating that he had already won over them.

While a relative unknown to the public, Terry is actually a seasoned and extremely accomplished music producer, who has worked with the likes of Faye Wong, Kelly Chan, and Joey Yung.

Rumour has it that Terry met Nancy on set while managing the live sound for an episode of Sze U Tonight, and managed to overcome the significant age gap by impressing Nancy with fine dining and fancy cars.

When interviewed over the telephone, Terry admitted candidly that he had visited Nancy at her home, had meals with her, and also cooked for her. However, he made no mention of whether they were dating.

As for Nancy, she expressed that she was merely friends with Terry, who treated her well and was sweet to her. However, Nancy did not expressly deny the allegations that Terry was pursuing her.

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