Nancy Wu baffles viewers with daring scene

9 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Hong Kong actress Nancy Wu made a move to film a daring scene in a drama that left TVB viewers baffled and surprised.Despite a lackluster premiere week, TVB’s romantic drama Season of Love , managed to charm extra viewers with the broadcast of Nancy Wu’s (胡定欣) cleavage in her starring episodic segment, “Chapter of Autumn“.Separated into four different stories that mirror the four seasons, Season of Love features an ensemble of popular TVB stars that take part in different romantic adventures. The first two stories ‘“ “Chapter of Spring‘ and “Chapter of Summer“ ‘“ garnered mixed reception, but Nancy’s “Chapter of Autumn‘ feature managed to bring the viewership ratings back up by a point, reported Jayne Stars.Before the broadcast of her segment, the Best Supporting Actress expressed that she would surprise her viewers with some unexpected cleavage, and unexpected it was!In episode 15, Kim (Nancy) tries to seduce her husband Ray (Oscar Leung 梁烈唯) by wearing a flowing, low-cut night gown that shows off her five-inch career line. But Ray, who has lost interest in his wife, does not respond to her seduction. Kim later discovers that Ray has been cheating on her with her friend, May (JJ Jia 賈曉晨).Nancy, who normally dresses conservatively, baffled viewers with the daring scene. Netizens found allure in her curves and speculated that Nancy’s “revelation‘ is for higher promotion and to snag a spot as a top TVB fadan.Episode 15 aired Monday night. That afternoon, the paparazzi spotted Nancy driving her boyfriend, Patt Shum (沈栢淳), to a dinner date in Central. Upon seeing the horde of reporters swarming to her car, Nancy looked shocked, but quickly composed herself and let out a smile. Patt, however, looked overwhelmed and perplexed.Nancy did not respond to the paparazzi’s questions, but warned the paparazzi to take care and watch out for the incoming traffic.A day later, Nancy accepted an interview in the phone regarding her sexy appearance in episode 15. She said, “I rarely dress in such a revealing manner, so people are quite shocked. I don’t have much to look at, but it is enough for [my body], haha! I don’t consider it as a breakthrough. It was necessary for the plot. I hope I didn’t scare everyone!‘Nancy also revealed that she watched the episode with her boyfriend. Patt did not have much of a reaction to the scene. Nancy laughed, “He wouldn’t react much to these scenes, as it is necessary for the plot. He would not interfere with my work. He also didn’t tell me that I shouldn’t do these sexy appearances.‘As Season of Love was filmed last summer, Nancy was asked if her sexy revelation was because of her breakup with Kenneth Ma (馬國明), whom she had secretly dated for about a year. Nancy laughed, “No. When I filmed the scene, I was already dating Patt. I separate my career and private life.‘ Nancy also joked that she hopes her career line would be able to boost the ratings of the drama.

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