Nana’s ideal wedding involves... swimsuits and an outdoor pool

11 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

After School’s Nana revealed in a recent interview that her ideal wedding would be held at an outdoor pool, and she would wear a bikini instead of a wedding dress.

According to Soompi, Nana also said that the dress code for guests will be swimsuits, and the wedding will be “remembered for a long time”.

Despite this unique wedding idea, Nana showed her innocent charm in a photoshoot for “High Cut” magazine.

In one photo, she is seen wearing a white shirt with shorts, showing off her slender figure.

Nana also reveals how she became close to her SBS’s “Roommate” co-stars, Hong Soo Hyun and Lee Sora so fast, saying, “When it comes to girls, I become close with them fast, regardless of their age. Sora, Soo Hyun and Bom made me feel comfortable so I was able to be playful with them easily.”

“When it comes to guys, it takes me a while for me to become close with them but with Sae Ho and Dong Wook, they treated me comfortably by playing jokes with me so we became close quick,” she adds.

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