Na Ying pokes fun at A-Mei's weight gain on national TV

15 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

The two singers -- Na Ying and A-Mei -- were seen bantering on the premiere episode of The Voice of China 2 which aired last Friday. During the episode, Na Ying poked fun at A-Mei's weight issues while 'consoling' a female contestant, reports Groove Asia.The contestant named Liu Ya Ting shared that she recently put on 20 kg and though her vocals are powerful, she is bothered by her size. 'Because it's not pretty to be fat,' she sighed.In return, Na Ying tried to make Ya Ting feel better at the expense of her good friend and said, 'Don't you think A-Mei is beautiful?'Despite the cheeky banter between her friends, A-Mei appeared unaffected and even struck a few poses for the camera, showing off her confidence. 'You are beautiful as long as you can sing well,' she said.While A-Mei was persuading Ya Ting to join her team, Na Ying again playfully commented that the two of them could 'analyse how they gained weight'.This time, however, A-Mei retaliated and said, 'Na Jie (sister), stop hinting that I am fat!'View photos from the gallery for pictures of A-Mei during her AmeiZING Encore World Tour Live concert in Singapore.

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