Mystery woman makes shocking claims against Stephen Chow

16 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Comedy star Stephen Chow is shooting in Dongguan for his latest film, Mermaid -- and online rumours of a woman allegedly bribing and threatening Stephen Chow for a role in the film.

HKTopTen says that a woman named Qian claimed that she flew from Beijing to Hongkong in mid-September to meet with Stephen Chow about the film.

They had dinner and went to the karaoke box, where she gifted him with a priceless natural crystal, from her mother. However, the woman was not selected in the end.

The woman claims that Stephen Chow had given her hope and made her waste months of a time -- and wants Stephen Chow to return the gift.

Stephen Chow's assistant says that Chow does not know Qian and has never received anything.

He says that Qian was using Stephen Chow’s name to speculate and maliciously defame Stephen Chow. He also said that the company will reserve the rights to take legal action.

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