Mysterious female fan dressed in low-cut dress startled Wayne Lai

1 December 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

As a three-time TV King, Wayne Lai’s (黎耀祥) earning power has skyrocketed in mainland China. In the last few years, Wayne did at least two shows per week there due to his popularity and in 2013 alone, he raked in approximately HK$18 million (S$2.91m) in show fees alone.

However, his star-earning power comes with a price.

Prior to him performing two shows at as many bars, Wayne had not slept for 48 hours straight, reported Jaynestars.

He attended his first show at a bar around midnight and sang four different songs with the audience. After he finished his performance, Wayne hopped into a van and was whisked off to a second bar, where he repeated the mini concert.

As if back-to-back performances were not tiring enough, Wayne had to head back to TVB at 6 am for filming.

The Best Actor winner may have earned a considerable amount of money recently, but after going through a long period without sleep, Wayne admitted that he no longer has the energy to handle the work hours anymore.

At his performances, a particular lady in a low-cut pink top stood out above the rest.

She was present during every one of Wayne’s shows and clung onto his arm every time. Her overly-enthusiastic behaviour nearly made Wayne trip and fall down, causing him to exclaim: “Wow, do I see you everywhere I go?”

Wayne also spoke about his decision to concentrate on projects based in Hong Kong instead of jetting off to China, even though the money there may be better.

He joked that he works for his 16-year-old son, who is a sneaker enthusiast, and that he does not want to miss the 'important stage' of his son's life.

He said: “My son is 16 and is entering an important growth stage. I don’t want to see him every few months. With the current jobs I have right now, I can see him every other day or so.

"I don’t have many tens of years to spend; I rather work a little harder and save money for my son. I just hope that in the future, our lives will be better!”

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