Myolie Wu reveals the unusual way she handles the competition in the industry

20 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

One of the top artistes at TVB, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) has dedicated more than ten years filming non-stop for the station’s dramas.

A former workaholic whose life revolved 100 percent around work, Myolie recently realized that there is more to life than work and hopes to strike a better balance.

She also values true friendship and regards her closest friends like family, reports Jayne Stars.

Placing Less Emphasis on Work

When it comes to Myolie’s career, the question du jour is whether she would be renewing her contract with TVB when it expires next year. '

If she were to renew with the station, what conditions would she stipulate? Myolie laughed and hinted at her new set of priorities, “I hope to find a suitable balance between work and life. Working too hard will make me age faster.” While it was necessary for Myolie to work extra hard in the past to establish her acting career, current circumstances may allow her to ease up a little.

“In the early years, I always felt my performance was inadequate and wanted to work harder to improve. Right now, I think I have toiled enough and have enjoyed some degree of success.
Perhaps it is time to enjoy a different kind of lifestyle, where I work hard but not obsessively so, as a single-minded focus on work is not healthy. Furthermore, experiencing more facets of life may also help improve my acting.”

Enjoys Exercise, Baking and Fashion

When not busy working, Myolie finds joy in baking and keeping fit.

“I love baking bread or cakes! The process of creating something from scratch is very therapeutic and makes me feel very happy. Exercise makes me feel the same way.”

The love for exercise has certainly shown on Myolie’s slim and toned body, which she showed off in a bikini photo in July.

Myolie watches what she eats carefully, but “did not deliberately try to lose weight” and “cares a lot about having a healthy diet”.

An ardent fan of fashion, Myolies loves styling herself for events. Aware of the strengths and weaknesses of her own figure, Myolie said,

“For instance, my frame tends to be slightly larger, so I like to wear clothing that has a simple cutting and is more structured. I avoid styles that are too girly or princess-like, and also avoid revealing clothing. I prefer a style that is more modern and edgy. At the end of the day, what’s most important for me is to be happy and confident.”

Feels Blessed to Have Many Close Friends

Despite the competitive nature of the entertainment industry, Myolie has many close friends. Feeling blessed, Myolie spoke about the importance of friendship, “I realized recently that I like big get-togethers and being surrounded by good friends. For instance, to celebrate my birthday earlier, I had a big party.

"It was not to make myself feel like a princess, but for me to see all my friends and family happily mixing together. Giving them the opportunity to have fun together makes me feel happy.”

Myolie adds that she often relies on her instincts when making new friends and will make a sincere attempt to strike up a friendship. Myolie frequently gets together with her two closest friends, Nancy Wu (胡定欣) and Paisley Wu (胡蓓蔚), whom she regards as family members.

“We are so close because our personalities are very similar; we are emotional but also quite rational at the same time. We will not hesitate to do something ‘cruel’ if that is what needs to be done.

"Paisley is a bit more mature, so she is very blunt and straightforward. Nancy is younger than both of us and often asks us for advice on issues involving career and love.

" am somewhere in the middle, as I am less direct than Paisley, but can also be quite assertive in giving advice. It is very precious to have found these two best friends, and I hope we can stay like that forever,” said Myolie.

Ultimately, Myolie realized that nothing is more important than happiness and health.

She noted, “Having money is well and good, but having money without happiness or health is completely meaningless. I did not appreciate how important these two things are in the past. Now that I do, I learned to be thankful and content with what I have.”

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