Myolie Wu responds to rumours linking BF with Cecilia Cheung lookalike

8 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu and entrepreneur boyfriend Philip Lee have dated for less than a year, but things have been heating up recently, with marriage rumours swirling.

However, while Wu is currently in northern China for work, tabloids are claiming her boyfriend has been spotted canoodling with another pretty starlet.

According to AsiaOne via Asian E-News Portal, Lee was spotted recently hanging out with Crztal To from dance pop girl group HunterZ and 'interacting intimately'.

Crztal, who has been referred to in the Hong Kong media as a 'pirated copy of Cecilia Cheung', clarified that Lee was merely a friend of a friend and the pair only chatted briefly.

Wu's response to the news was also swift. She wrote a response on her Facebook page: "Miss Crz is the girlfriend of a close friend of Philip's. "That night everyone was there, my boyfriend was sitting next to her at that time.

"The funniest thing is that they had a conversation for 10 seconds, and that 10 seconds can become exclusive news".

Wu expressed that she has confidence in her boyfriend, saying: "Philip has many friends, including male and female friends. They have normal conversations, everyone shouldn't be too worried about it.

"Next time when I get photos taken like this, I would not need to explain myself, thank you and have a good day!"

Netizens reacted positively to Wu's statement, including boyfriend Philip, who also left a message: "I support you too!"

Myolie immediately replied: "Thank you!", proving that their relationship is just fine."

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