Myolie Wu responds to rumours of her and Bosco Wong with forced smile

12 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Myolie appeared in her costume since she was still filming a series before going to TVB's annual basin feast.

Yesterday it was reported that after Myolie and Bosco broke up, Bosco gave her a property in Sha Tin, states a Tvbnewsworld article.

In regards to the report, Myolie forced a smile: "That's so funny, it's not the truth! The property was initially purchased under his (Bosco) company name and for some reason, he sold it to me. (Why was there such a delay in switching the property to your name?) Because if we change the name within two years, it's taxed. The property is already paid off now!" 

Since Myolie didn't get the property changed to her name yet, but was still willing to pay the mortgage, does Myolie really trust Bosco?

She said: "Why not? (Did he give you a good deal?) According to the market value. Auntie (Bosco's mom) handled most of it, I trust her. I don't understand why after a year since the breakup, only now that this is brought up. I don't have any financial relation with him."

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