Myolie Wu is ready to find love -- and you'll be surprised at how

13 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) attended a charity event in the central and the organization committee gave her a birthday cake as belated birthday celebration.

When mentioned about attending her good friend, Paisley Wu's (胡蓓蔚) birthday celebration, Myolie said:

"I gave her a cupcake made by myself personally and I used 3 days to bake it as I was afraid that it may not taste nice."

Myolie also disclosed that Sharon Chan (陳敏之) exposed her that she had a boyfriend on her birthday and when asked if her boyfriend turned up on that day, she said:

"I have no boyfriend but wish to have one.

Ella Koon (官恩娜) has found her happiness, reports Asian E-news Portal.

We are the same age and attend Sam Hui's (許冠傑) concert together.

We drink together and I am happy for her to find a nice and handsome man. (Yourself?) I really do not have any."

Currently same age as Ella Koon at 35 years old, Myolie expressed she did not mind speed dating and said:

"Does Ella know him from speed dating? If yes, I do not mind as treat it as knowing another friend. (Very anxious?) Nope and single is all right but the people surrounding me are more anxious.

"They will be less surprised and anxious if they take photo of me going out with different man."

Myolie Wu
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