Myolie Wu leaves TVB after 16 years: Here's what she is rumoured to be doing next

22 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Myolie Wu started her career with TVB when she was only 20 years old, after winning second runner-up in Miss Hong Kong 1999. After spending 16 years at the station with a successful career, she decided not to renew her contract with TVB.

According to a report in Jayne Stars, Myolie expressed her gratitude towards TVB, “Everything I have now was given to me by TVB."

Myolie expressed that she once went through the same grueling period of low pay and long hours, although she did not think it was something to grumble about. 

She elaborated “It was a special kind of training that we received from TVB, which equipped us with the mental strength to be better actors, keeping us grounded so we can work well with others. The people who succeed at TVB are often extremely determined and capable.”

Grateful Towards TVB

Myolie first gained attention with her supporting role in Golden Faith before landing another supporting role in the popular blockbuster drama Triumph in the Skies. Myolie was unfortunately openly criticized by fellow cast member Francis Ng for her raw acting.

Continuing to work hard for the next decade, she was finally crowned TV Queen in 2011 with her role in the period drama Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王>. Garnering impressive results after 16 years at TVB, Myolie believes it is now time to work a little less, enjoy a slower pace of life, and spend more time with her boyfriend Philip Lee.

On her decision to not renew her contract with TVB, Myolie added, “This does not mean that I will never work with TVB again. I just want to experience different things for now, as I think filming outside of TVB may be a novel and interesting experience.”

On whether TVB had tried to persuade Myolie to stay, she emphasized, “Yes, and I am very appreciative of how sincere they were. My decision to leave has nothing to do with the terms. It’s purely because I wish to try something new and work in a different environment. Also, as I’m getting older; I’m looking forward to a slower-paced life.”

On her 16-year-long career at TVB, Myolie mused, “It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 16 years. The time flew by in the blink of an eye. I’ve been extremely lucky, and had a very exciting life – a life that is probably different from that of many others. From now on, however, I wish to stop and smell the roses. It doesn’t mean that I’ll stop working. I’ll have to take things as they come.” As for the person or persons she is most grateful to, Myolie was hard-pressed to pinpoint any particular individual.

She said, “There are simply too many people I would like to thank, ranging from the seniors who have guided me patiently to the directors who have reprimanded me. Actually, no, I haven’t really been reprimanded. It would be more accurate to say that they have corrected me. Everyone who has wished me well in one way or another needs to be thanked. I would also like to thank all my co-stars. I’m grateful to the entire company.”

Finally, on her method in achieving a successful career, Myolie said, “I can’t say that I’m extremely successful. All I can say is that I’m quite a detail-oriented person, and that I worked very hard on every opportunity that came my way. You can say that I’m quite determined and a perfectionist. Perhaps these traits allowed me to gain even more opportunities. I believe anyone who is able to perform at TVB is a very competent actor.”

Future Opportunities

Reports state that Myolie has signed a $25 million HKD contract for three years with Stephen Shiu, Jr. (蕭定一).

Other rumors claim that Myolie will open a wedding studio in Tsim Sha Tsui while planning her own wedding at the end of the year. Since she is currently filming in Mainland China, Myolie did not directly respond to the rumors aside from acknowledging that she is indeed leaving TVB after her contract expired yesterday.

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