Myolie Wu apologizes to fans for faking romance with Johnson Lee

6 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Fans thought ​Myolie Wu  had fallen for Johnson Lee when he accompanied her on vacation to South Korea recently. 

Some fans were anxious that Myolie would get hurt by dating Johnson, who is known for his flirtatious personality, reports and via Jayne Stars.

As the public reeled in shock and growing concerns were voiced online, Myolie revealed her 'dating announcement' was only a prank.

Realizing fans were upset, she promised, “I won’t lie to everyone again!”

Myolie announced earlier that she would be going to South Korea with close friends Nancy Wu Mandy Wong, and Paisley Wu.

When Johnson Lee showed up as the only male among the ladies, and Myolie was seen linking arms with him at the airport, it was suspected that the pair was dating.

Later, Myolie shared a photo of herself hugging a mystery man and writing on her Sina Weibo account, “I’ve found [it]!”

Although only the back of the man’s head was shown, his resembled Johnson.

Disbelief flooded online social communities over Myolie’s dating choice, along with growing anxiety that Johnson’s colorful romantic past may lead to a poor match that would eventually leave Myolie heartbroken.

The prank lasted approximately twelve hours, before Myolie finally admitted she had tricked everyone.

She realized she had gone too far with the prank, explaining, “Actually ‘I’ve found’ a group of great friends who can share my happiness and grief. It’s great to have you guys! I also want to thank netizens’ concerns; I know you truly love me. Johnson said that I’m too serious and should goof off once in a while. I promise that I won’t lie to everyone again!”

Many expressed a sigh of relief that Myolie and Johnson were not a real couple.

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