Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui stun fans with glamorous outfits

30 May 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

It was like a battle for the best body at last night’s event when Kate Tsui and Myolie Wu appeared looking glamorous and fit in their night gowns.

Kate chose to show off her “career line” by wearing a tight tube top that accentuated her bust, while Myolie chose to wear a flowing dress that revealed her bare back.

The reporters at the event remarked that Kate, who recently replaced Linda Chung as the endorser for a slimming product, looked confident with her body.

Kate humbly said, “I don’t know if I’ve succeeded, but I’m still working hard. I’ll try my best to keep fit.” Kate’s bold appearance outshined Myolie, whose dress was more modest in front.

Kate said she was not purposely attempting to be sexier than anyone. Kate said, “I actually don’t really have much of a line! This is all just an illusion!”

Kate said she is rather unsexy in her normal life, opting to wear a plain t-shirt and jeans when she is not working. “I only dress this way when I’m at an event.”

Myolie said she is proud of Kate’s career line, “She’s always had the image of a strong career woman. If you have a good body, there’s nothing wrong with showing it off. As for me, I’ll just take it from the back,” she said with a smile.

Earlier, Myolie revealed that she is currently seeing someone. “That person…we are still friends. If things are confirmed, I’ll let everyone know. We still need to know each other more.”

Myolie said she is not against dating someone from the entertainment industry again.

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