'My eyes are very sexy and can kill with one glance': Samantha Ko

18 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Artiste Samantha Ko (高海寧) attended a promotion campaign for the series, Line Walker (使徒行者) (Who is the Undercover), where she will be appearing from episode 20 onwards. In the series, she plays a sexy underground triad chief and had a stylish image.

According to Asian E-News Portal, on that windy day, the series received a wonderful ratings of 33 pts.

Samantha laughed and joked that she could perform a rain dance with strong winds blowing as well.

She said: "It is good and the ratings will increase when I appear. (Are you an undercover?) No comments. But there will be more deaths at the end of the series."

When it was mentioned that Ankie Beilke (貝安琪) appeared very sexy in the series, Samantha replied they had different styles, and said: "Different styles. My eyes are very sexy and can kill a person with one glance."

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