My Date with a Vampire's Joey Meng laughs at hubby's impotence rumours

17 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Popular AsiansNearly twelve years of marriage, but still without a child? Truthfully, Joey Meng (萬綺雯) has always wanted to have children. About five to six years after her marriage with My Date with a Vampire screenwriter, Chan Sap Sam (陳十三), Joey considered having children. However, after Joey joined TVB in early 2012, baby plans were immediately swept to the sidelines. “I still have some goals I want to reach in my career, so no plans yet!‘ cried Joey.Is it really because for the sake of your career, or is it because Sap Sam is impotent? With this question, the My Date with a Vampire star laughed out loud, “Haha! I don’t think he is!‘Joey and Sap Sam met on the set of ATV’s My Date with a Vampire television series in 1997. The couple formally started their relationship in April 2000; seven days later, Sap Sam proposed to Joey. They married four months later.After her marriage with Sap Sam, Joey decreased her drama output. Her last work with ATV was the legal drama The Men of Justice , which was produced by Gary Tang (鄧特希).After months of negotiations, Joey finally signed with TVB in early 2012 for her television comeback. Her first TVB drama, Inbound Troubles is currently airing on TVB Jade. Her second TVB drama, A Change of Heart , is scheduled for a late 2013 release.Joey revealed that Sap Sam has been her biggest supporter in her television comeback. “We talk about everything. He is very calm, comprehensive, and he gives me very good advice. He is my biggest supporter. When TVB wanted to sign me, he was the first person who told me to try it out!‘Although the couple has been married for twelve years, they are still as close as a pair of budding lovers. What is the secret recipe for long-lasting and effective communication between married couples? Joey smiled, “I think it is the trust we have for each other. Oh, and of course, you need to be smart as well. I am pretty much a tech-illiterate, and I am a very clumsy person. I always drop my phone and break it, but every once in a while, my husband would buy a new phone for me. When he knew that my new drama was coming out, he bought a new television set for me so I can watch it!‘Joey explained that she first heard of her husband’s recent gossip report through a friend, who woke her up with the news in a very early morning phone call. Joey told her husband that he was “photographed,‘ which shocked him. When she explained that the reports were about his impotency, he laughed and said, “Wow! That really scared me! I was so scared that they caught me hugging a girl or something!‘Sap Sam is not bothered by the rumors. Joey said, “Let’s treat it as a way to help me promote my drama. He’s my husband, so he has to face the consequences!‘Joey Meng Receives “Special Treatment‘Joey and former ATV colleague, Alice Chan (陳煒), roughly joined TVB at around the same time. While Alice is stuck with performing in secondary supporting roles, Joey gets to receive star billing treatment in big-budgeted TVB dramas. Could it be that Joey’s contract with TVB is more superior to Alice’s?“No one knows about the details of my contract, other than those involved. Also, [our contracts] cannot be compared. The details of my contract aren’t as great as they seem. My only requirement is to be able to choose my projects. I don’t want to do the same roles over and over again. I want to try out new things!‘Inbound Troubles is currently airing on TVB Jade. A comedy drama about Hong Kong’s changing social culture, Joey portrays a social worker for new Hong Kong immigrants. She stars alongside Roger Kwok (郭晉安) and Wong Cho Lam (蔡芯).The premiere episode of Inbound Troubles aired on Monday night with average ratings of 31 points, peaking at 33 points. The drama is also Wong Cho Lam’s first major scriptwriting effort.

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