This must be the youngest and prettiest football club manager ever

20 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Chinese actress Ai Ru, who shot to fame after being crowned the winner of the 7th Miss Tourism Competition in 2009, and subsequently starred the hit TV series Naked Wedding Age in 2011, surprised football fans when she was named as the president of Sichuan Lidashi Football Club.

Now Ai has become the spokesperson and ambassador of the football club, reports an article on Asian Town.

Lots of football insiders were very surprised and confused upon learning that an actress, who seemingly has little connection to sport, has become the youngest top leader of a Chinese football club.

Despite being newly established, the football team has been equipped with excellent coaches and a professional management team, and the results of warm-up matches have so far been satisfactory. 

Photos 1 to 20 show Ai Ru, while the rest show other outstanding beauties, most of whom are just normal people with ordinary professions.

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