This must be Asia's most beautiful intern reporter ever

9 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

A pretty female intern reporter, Sun Li, is making waves online after appearing in various video reports on Chinese news website Sina.

Sun, who bears a striking likeness to popular Chinese actress Tong Liya, was first noticed by netizens while conducting an interview on Facebook's recent acquisition of Whatsapp.

Her eloquence and elegant appearance in the videos have charmed many Chinese netizens, who promptly dubbed her 'Sina's most beautiful reporter'.

In her personal Weibo account, Sun has also shared snapshots of her life as a student in Columbia University in New York, reports AsiaOne.

According to various Chinese online reports, netizens have commented that the audience may be paying more attention to her looks than her news reports.

Photos 1 to 24 show Sun Li, while the rest show other celebs known for their beauty.

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