Mother of two loses 82kg so that she can fulfill dream of sky diving

2 March 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

A 35-year-old mother from Staffordshire, UK weighed 165.1kg at her heaviest but she had dreams of going sky diving and for that dream to come true, she needed to slim down.

Before going on a new regime to lose weight, Debbie Allmark said that she "couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel and I didn't feel like I wanted to carry on. I was so embarrassed and felt humiliated -- my confidence was so low. "

During holiday in 2012 while visiting Disney land in Florida with her family, she was "devastated" when she found out that she couldn't go on the rides because of her size.

Sky diving has always been dream for Allmark, so she decided to use it as a motivator to become fit, reports The Listicles

After two years of hard work at the gym and eating right, she lost 82kg, which is a whopping half the weight when she started her health program.

Allmark's comments that her confidence has tripled, "I can now play with my kids and enjoy myself more." It has given me another life."

She also says that the support of her family has been 'massive." Allmark's skydive will be scheduled three days's before her mom's birthday and she said, she'll be thinking of her throughout the whole flight.

She's very pleased that the money she raises will go straight to the Heart Committee to help other families.

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