Most women hide cosmetic surgery, but this Malaysian model simply loves the attention

10 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

While cosmetic surgery is becoming more widespread among Asian women, most would still rather keep mum about it.

Not so for Malaysian model Lin Yunjiang -- she positively revels in the attention her cosmetic surgeries have brought her.

With her 34F bust, she certainly stands out in a crowd.

Yet her chest is far from the only place on her body where she has had work done.

In total, she has undergone two procedures on her eyes, four on her nose, her teeth once, mouth three times, and her bust twice.

She remains quite unabashed about her surgeries, and freely admits that nothing about her is natural -- yet she does not mind at all.

Most people she comes across are amazed by her figure. Some have even asked her if they are real. Some even ask if they can touch her out of curiousity.

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