The most bizarre sleeping habits of K-pop stars

24 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Here is a compilation of some of the most bizarre sleeping habits of K-pop stars.Now without further ado, let us dive into the one and only place Idols have their privacy (although, not so much anymore) -- their sleep! 1) Lee Joon of Mblaq.Lee Joon’s special habit managed to snag him 10th place in “Top 10 Sleeping Habits of the Idols We Love‘ with his ability to pass out wherever he is! The members revealed that Joon can fall asleep no matter where he is - even in places you wouldn’t normally be in. The list includes the floor, the stage, the closet, and the place I found most amusing, the bathtub! Just imagine stumbling into the bathroom for an early morning pee to find Joon snoozing to his heart’s desire in your bath tub. 2) Kangin of Super Junior.Kangin’s sleeping habit is definitely one that would scare the pants off people. It’s been revealed that during his sleep, he tends to act out any of the violent/bad scenes. His screams have consisted of “Do you want to die?!‘, “You! Stop there!‘, and more. 3) Max Changmin of TVXQ.Changmin actually never had sleeping habits before, but due to stress from the group (when is was still the 5 of them) schedules in Japan, he soon developed them. Apparently, you can now hold conversations with Changmin while he’s still in the depths of his, sleep. The members revealed past conversations that consisted of asking Changmin what he wanted to eat (which he answered with ramen), to him asking others what people use to eat (chop sticks.) It’s also been revealed that Changmin kicks in his sleep.4) U-know Yunho of TVXQSweet revenge! Seeing as how Yunho was the one to reveal Changmin’s weird habits, it’s only fair that his own are revealed too! The weird sleeping habit of Yunho is the fact that he sleeps with his eyes and mouth wide open! He even said himself on “Come To Play‘ that when he sleeps, it seems that every opening on his face widens! 5) Yang Yoseob and Yong Junhyung of B2STThe two members not only display wonderful partnership on stage, but in their sleep as well! The two members of B2st both share the spotlight of 6th place, because without each other, their sleeping habits wouldn’t be that great. Introducing, the musical duo! It’s been reported that Junhyung raps in his sleep, while Yoseob beat boxes in his sleep. Combine them together, and we could have a new hit song to put into a B2ST album!6) Lee Taemin of SHINee, and Shin Dong-hee of Super Junior.Now, these two idols aren’t members of the same band (although they are both apart of the same company), but they’re both members of the “I take off my clothes, while sleeping‘ group! That’s right, the sexy Maknae of SHINee, and the comedy genius of Super Junior both share the common sleeping habit of stripping themselves in their sleep. 7) Although we have no idea whether or not it’s a “habit‘, it’s definitely one of the weirdest things out there! While on a TV show, Sulli revealed a situation she experienced with fellow member, Victoria. “One morning, I was getting ready to go to school when I came across Victoria and became really shocked. She was sleeping with her head on the floor and her legs on the bed, and even with her eyes open! Scared, I asked her if she was sleeping, but she gave me no response and just kept sleeping.‘8) Kang Jiyoung of Kara.This sleeping habit of Jiyoung is definitely enough to have her fellow members locking up their doors. Apparently, Jiyoung is a sleep walker, and that’s not even the worst part. Not only does Jiyoung strut her stuff unconsciously across the dorms, but she also finds herself waking in the beds of the other members! And what’s even creepier is that the members don’t realize it until they wake up in the morning to be met by Jiyoung’s morning breath! 9) Bae Suzy of Miss A.One would think that the feminine Suzy of Miss A would be a peaceful sleeper, yeah, well one would be wrong. Suzy is, definitely not even close to being a peaceful sleeper - she’s a screamer. And a laugher, a texter, an eater, and whatever else she does in her dreams. Suzy’s special sleeping habit, is that whatever she does in her dream, she’ll reenact in real life! 10) Kim Taeyeon of SNSD.The members of SNSD evilly revealed the many weird sleeping habits of the leader. The list consists of sleep talking, sleep walking, sleeping with her eyes open, and finally my personal favorite - yoga positions (like the one she’s doing in a picture in the gallery) 11) Choi Minho Of SHINee.Although this isn’t a sleeping habit, it’s definitely an amusing feat concerning the subject of “sleep.‘ Many of us sleep the hours away during summer vacation. Usually the number of hours go as high as 12, or 13, or my personal record of 16, but how many of us can claim up to 48 hours? Yeah, well, Minho can! Photos in the gallery show the stars discussed above being caught sleeping.

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