Moses Chan wants to keep his distance from Myolie Wu

28 April 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Moses Chan and Myolie Wu attended the blessing ceremony of TVB's upcoming new series "Walk With You" yesterday.

According to Asian Universe, the two were seen taking pictures together, making sure not to appear too close.

Moses emphasized that he worked well with Myolie, but since he is a married man now, he has to build up a safety net around him. That means he doesn't want to get too close to other females unless there is a need to in the series.

In the new series, there are no intimate scenes between him and Myolie.

(Are you worried that Aimee might mind?) He said, "in fact, she does not mind, but I think we had better keep a distance anyway. Nowadays, I have fans, mostly little children, wanting to take pictures with me, treating me like a kind "father".

Moses also heard Aimee was targeting a $200 million jade jewelry. He smiled and said he was already "sweating" but that he will try very hard to make the people around him happy.

He added, "I sometimes buy her gifts, but never thought about whether it is expensive or not, just to maintain our husband and wife relationship." 

Myolie revealed that in the series, she plays the role of a visually impaired person and that it is a big challenge practicing removing her contact lenses for the experience. When asked if she will experience "hurt feelings" in the series, she replied "we can't talk about that!" 

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