Moses Chan left Fala Chen out in the cold for noodles

16 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: TVB News World'Coffee King' Moses Chan left Fala Chen waiting in the cold while filming at a restaurant -- all for a bowl of noodles.Due to the fact it was dinnertime, the filming attracted a great many passers-by. Not long after, Moses's stomach began to growl, and he left to grab a bite after consulting the director.He went into the restaurant, quickly finished a bowl of noodles in about five minutes and went back to work. While he was eating numerous reporters and passers-by snapped pictures, causing him to smile embarrassedly, mouthing to them through the glass not to take pictures. Meanwhile, Fala sat alone outside in the cold waiting for Moses to return for them to complete their scene together.

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