Moses and Aimee Chan dodge media for months to protect baby son

15 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

When Moses Chan and Aimee Chan’s son, Aiden Joshua Chan, was born in December 2013, the couple shared only a photo of Aiden’s small hands holding Aimee’s finger.

Since then, the TVB artistes have kept their distance from the media to shield their son from the public spotlight, reports ihktv via Jayne Stars.

Despite the couple’s secrecy, the Hong Kong paparazzi finally managed to snap a photo of their seventh-month-old son earlier this month.

Reporters quickly took a photo of Aiden held by Aimee as they were getting out of a minivan.

The chubby baby has Aimee’s eyes and Moses’ nose.

The couple’s minivan was apparently purchased with the sole purpose of shielding Aiden from persistent photographers.

They would also choose to leave their home early in the day with Aiden to evade reporters. Source:

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