More texts between Park Si Hoo and alleged rape victim revealed

7 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago
It has now been revealed that ‘˜A’ has submitted her phone over to the police for further investigation and to prove her innocence about purposely framing Park Si Hoo, reported All K-Pop.

However, it is expected that most of the relevant KakaoTalk conversation may have already been wiped from her phone.

Since Kakao servers only keep a record of conversations for a week before wiping them clean, it’s not clear if there will be much new evidence coming in, but the police say the messages may be recoverable through the phones.

On the other hand, Park Si Hoo as well as his hoobae Mr.Kim have not handed over their phones.

The actor had said that he will submit his phone as evidence when he attended his investigation at the police station on the 1st, but after discussing with his legal team, he has decided not to do so.

‘˜A’ originally claimed that she stopped talking to Park Si Hoo and Mr.

Kim after she had filed her report against Park Si Hoo to the police on February 15th at 8:37 PM.

She also further supported her claims by previously revealing the conversation that took place between her and Mr.

Kim up to 4:30 PM of February 15th.

However it seems her claims were false as Park Si Hoo’s side has now revealed that there was more conversation following that time period, showing that ‘˜A’ had continued to hold conversations with Mr.

Kim and Park Si Hoo even after she submitted her police report.
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