More non-Koreans, including S'poreans, make debut in K-Pop

9 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: The Korea Herald/Asia News NetworkWith the global popularity of K-pop on the rise, the music industry is starting to see some new faces.There are already a number of non-Koreans in the K-pop scene: Han Geng, the Chinese member of Super Junior; f(x)'s Taiwanese-American member Amber and Chinese member Victoria; Brad of the indie band Busker Busker; and 2PM's Thai-American member Nichkhun.As the international interest in the K-pop continues to attract talented people, the industry seems to have opened its doors even wider to non-Koreans who wish to pursue a career in Korean entertainment.The debut of the four-member girl group "Skarf" represented a breakthrough in the K-pop music scene by introducing the first ever K-pop group to include Singaporean members.Skarf, which released its first single, "Oh! Dance," in August, features two Singaporean performers: Natasha Low, the leader who goes by the stage name Tasha, and Ferlyn Wong, the main rapper and dancer of the group."Before Skarf's debut, the K-pop scene had yet to recruit any Singaporeans," said Ferlyn, who said her interest in K-pop first struck after listening to Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry." "I wanted to make the first breakthrough into the Korean entertainment industry," she said."I have always loved singing and dancing, and my dream was to be a singer," said Tasha. "When I was 16, I watched a K-pop video on YouTube and was really attracted to the choreography. So I started to learn the choreography and that was when I got interested in K-pop music."K-pop to them represented something new, an opportunity for the two to become a part of the K-pop wave, which they observe has been showing a lot of growth."I think K-pop has a very special colour to it," said Tasha. "The songs are really catchy and I think the dance moves are easy to follow.""The training system is something that we won't get to experience in Singapore," said Ferlyn. "With this, we are able to produce our own music and going along with a stage presentation."Both the girls expressed their desire to remain the K-pop industry and are currently preparing for the release of Skarf's first EP, which they hope to release sometime early next year.

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