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07 February 2013
More Korean stars making the news for bad behavior
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Kara’s Kang Ji Young is the latest girl group member to be criticized for her reckless behavior on the road. Ji Young had uploaded on her Twitter account a picture showing her with her head hanging outside the window of a running car. The photo brought a great deal of flak from her fans onto her head for the reckless act.Meanwhile, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji was also censured for dangling a plastic bag full of tangerines out of the window of a moving car to chill them. She had taken a picture of the act and posted it on her official me2day account along with the message, “I wanted to have some tangerines, but they were hot because they were on the car’s engine before. So I decided to give some fresh air to these tangerines.‘Big Bang's G Dragon also recently upset fans by posting a picture of a flower folded out of Korean money online.