More details on why Jessica was fired from Girls' Generation

30 September 2014 / 2 years 3 weeks ago

[by Nawael Khelil]

SM Entertainment finally shared its official statement related to Girls’ Generation Jessica being kicked out. The rumors that Dispatch was spreading were true.

SM actually asked Jessica to stop interfering with Girls’ Generation promotional activities because she started to consider fashion as her main business, “As a consequence of her involvement into her personal business, Jessica will have to stop her activities with Girls’ Generation.

"She came to the point that she cannot take part to Girls’ Generation’s activities as the group’s interest came into conflict with her fashion label’s. Girls’ Generation will continue promoting with 8 members while Jessica will focus on her own career.”

Earlier today, around 5am, the former singer/new designer updated her weibo account with a heartbreaking post explaining how she suddenly got kicked out of the group she was devoted to.

SM’s move then wasn’t the most genius of all times. Firing someone a few hours before her plane is not what we call showing courage. Especially because Jessica came back to Korea from New York yesterday on purpose so as she could attend her fan meeting in China.

According to a few sources, not only SM but also the 8 remaining members could not stand Jessica focusing more on her brand and fashion career than on the group.

This statement has still not been verified. Also, the members looked very sad and upset this morning when they hit Incheon Airport in order fly to their fan meeting event’s location. Hyo Yeon was holding back the tears and anger, and Seo Hyun never looked so upset.

Rumors are saying that Jessica and her current boyfriend Tyler Kwon would like to get married and that this part of the story could have had an impact on SM’s decision. Tyler was helping and following Jessica nearly everywhere, which would bother both the company and the members.

According to SM Entertainment, disembark Jessica of the big Girls’ Generation boat was the best thing they could do for the group’s sake.

They discussed the matter with the lady but apparently didn’t find any agreement, so they decided to casually fire her on a September morning. This is probably routine for the management team of SM, who kept dealing with issues since 2013.

After a few dating scandals blew off, the company struggled with its tax evasion problems and now its stocks are in free fall.

Earlier this summer, Sulli stopped her activities with her group f(x) after she received a lot of pressure from netizens for her dating a hip-hop artist.

This personal choice of hers put an end not only to her personal involvement but also to the group’s activities despite its comeback a few weeks earlier that month.

However, SM did not make a move and let it go, considering this act neither as a ‘lack of involvement’ nor as a ‘conflict of interest’. So why did the company make Jessica feel like she’s done something worse?

There is no worse or better, but you probably are calling for equity here. SM is planning to release an official report about Girls’ Generation’s activities as a 8-member group and Jessica’s plans as a designer hereafter.

Jessica would like to focus on fashion. In order to realize her dream and become a designer while simultaneously carry out promotional activities for Girls’ Generation, she was working on a portfolio that she would present to enter a famous fashion academy abroad.

Now, she’ll have plenty of time to focus on this new path that’s waiting for her and impress the world with her vison of fashion and her incredible taste. 

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