Model told she can't compete in Miss England -- because she has a child

28 July 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

In her application to take part in Miss England, Danielle Tyler wrote how her greatest achievement in life is her three-year-old daughter, Annelise.

Little did she expect to get her rejected because of that. 

Danielle Tyler, 23, was removed from Miss England after being told being a parent was against the rules.

However, according to, Danielle hasn’t let her experience discourage her ambition and she has now qualified for the Miss Midlands final of Miss Great Britain, which does allow mothers to enter.

Danielle said:

"I am delighted that Miss Great Britain has a positive attitude towards mothers. I was apprehensive about applying due to my bad experience but I scoured their website and double checked, and Miss Great Britain happily accepts mothers which I am overjoyed about.

"I'm doing this competition to spread the word for mums across the Midlands to remember that just because they are mums does not mean they can’t do the things they want to do.

"It raises issues about who would take care of the child or children whose mother was fortunate to win.

"Surely it seems obvious to anyone that for a mother to devote herself fully to a role such as Miss England or Miss World that it would be unfair on any child.

"There are other competitions who have much less demanding roles for their winners, even as much to say that the winner doesn’t actually do anything throughout her year.

"There are titles which are name only with no formal duties to be done. I feel these type of competitions would be much better suited for women with children."

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