Model raises eyebrows with her reaction when asked about relationship with G-Dragon

12 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

American-Japanese model, Kiko Mizuhara was in Hong Kong yesterday to attend a fashion event. Angelababy also attended the event and both beautiful ladies posed for a picture together.

Kiko and Angelababy were romantically rumoured with Big Bang’s G-Dragon, but the ladies were not affected by the rumours at all. They were spotted chatting happily at the event, and Kiko revealed that she was intending to have a dinner with Angelababy.

Kiko and G-Dragon have been rumoured to be dating since 2012 after many netizens found evidence of them travelling to Phuket and spending birthday together. Although YG Entertainment has dismissed their dating rumours, Kiko and G-Dragon were caught again spending the new year together at Las Vegas.

Asked about her vacation with G-Dragon to Las Vegas and if they were an item, Kiko responded with a sweet smile and stuck out her tongue. When grilled further how she felt about G-Dragon, Kiko said, “He’s my good friend.”

According to a report on Asian Pop News, Kiko revealed that she and G-Dragon usually converse in English.

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