Model promote jeweller's offers -- in only her underwear and body paint

8 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: China Buzz

At a jewellery trade centre in Nanjing, a half-naked woman covered in body paint was seen walking down the red carpet on New Year’s Day.

The body-painting show was organized by a store there to promote their big discount on the festive New Year’s Day event.

The model was painted with a golden snake on her chest, and four Chinese characters (literally Gold Price Streaking)‘ on her back.

The snake may represent the new Year of Snake that China is entering.

According to traditional Chinese calendar, the first day of Chinese New Year 2013 falls on Feb 10, 2013.

The slogan “Gold Price Naked-Run‘ was apparently used to claim that the store was giving out the biggest discount.It may have been a lousy stunt but the promo still caught a lot of eyes.

This sighting of an underwear model hired to promote either a product, service or brand is not the first to have been reported in recent times -- another model was forced to tears after posing outdoors in freezing conditions wearing only her underwear, while a fashion label also hired models to don their bikinis and parade them around a ski resort.

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