Model files lawsuit against netizens who flamed her for being INFINITE L's girlfriend

27 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Hot Korean idol group INFINITE's L was known to date model Kim Do Yeon since last September, but L's agency Woolim Entertainment finally admits their relationship today.

Kim Do Yeon as been the target of online attacks by L's fans since then, and she has revealed today she reported three of the most active attackers to the authority, reports Kpop Insider.

She tweeted earlier today, "I've been collecting all the comments and post made on my SNS sites, and handing them over the the investigators", and added, "So far I have collected enough materials for three people."

On Nov 26, WOOLLIM Entertainment responded by saying that the two did dated previously.

L and Kim Do Yeon were said to be a dating couple back in September after their SNS (indirectly) messages, photos of their couple bracelets and on a date were revealed in quick succession by eagle-eyed fans to be too much of a coincidence.

WOOLLIM Entertainment then defused the rumours by saying that the two were just friends.

WOOLLIM Entertainment press release:

Hello everyone, this is WOOLLIM Entertainment.

We would like to speak about the dating rumours between INFINITE’s L and miss Kim that surfaced back in September of this year.

L actually wanted to go public with his relationship with Miss Kim. But we wanted to protect our artists, and thus denied that they were dating. We would like to apologise for this.

Following the rumours, they didn’t meet even once since then due to the attention from everyone and INFINITE’s world concert tour. They have since become estranged.

We hope that L, Miss Kim, and their fans will stop receiving hurt because of this matter. As a management agency, we are doing our best to mediate this matter.

Finally, we would like to once again apologize to fans of INFINITE, and the media for covering up the truth back then.

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