Model-actress Coco Chiang shows off big belly in near-nude photoshoot

22 January 2014 / 3 years 5 months ago

Thanks to her husband’s enthusiasm, Coco Chiang has a series of ultra-sexy, near-nude pregnancy photos to mark her first-time mum-to-be days.

The statuesque 1.78m Hong Kong-based model-host therefore joined the ranks of Hollywood stars such as Britney Spears and Demi Moore who have boldly flaunted their pregnant bellies.

The only difference is that while Spears and Moore bared all, Chiang, 36, who gave birth to her daughter Yung Yung last July, kept her panties on.

In an interview with The New Paper on Thursday while in town to promote her new infotainment programme Coco’s Pregnant Diary, the Jiangsu-born bronzed beauty credits her husband, Hong Kong jewellery designer Dickson Yung, for being more passionate than her when it comes to taking her clothes off for the cameras.

Said Chiang in English with a laugh: “I’ve always dreamt about doing special pregnancy pictures like these. In my whole life, that would be the only time I’d have such a huge tummy and big boobs. It’s definitely worth remembering. Next time, I can show my daughter (and tell her), ‘See, you came from here’.”

“But if you’re talking about the inspiration behind these pictures... My husband was the one who did the research. He scoured the Internet, read magazines and gave me all sorts of different photos for reference. He was really supportive and told me I’d look beautiful.”

Chiang tied the knot with 42-year-old Yung at South Africa’s Kruger National Park last February when she was five months pregnant with Yung Yung.

She said that her husband even “encouraged” her to “take fully nude shots”.

“He’s an artist and artists are daring like that,” mused Chiang.

Eventually, she decided to “wear a thong” for her photoshoot as she “felt very naked already”.

Coco’s Pregnant Diary, a reality TV-style documentary that tracked Chiang’s real-life pregnancy, airs every Saturday at 8pm on cHK channel (SingTel mio TV Ch 510).

Chiang said unabashedly that she “became the envy” of many of her girlfriends since she regained her pre-pregnancy svelte figure in just three months. She is now back at 56kg. At her peak while carrying Yung Yung, she weighed 63kg.

“There is no deep secret to losing one’s pregnancy weight. The key is exercise. “I exercised a lot during my pregnancy, especially the last trimester. I swam and worked out on my exercise bike. Basically, I tried to keep my metabolism rate going and my muscles in shape,” said Chiang matter-of-factly.

While she describes herself as a “hands-on mum” — she showers Yung Yung and changes her diapers — Chiang is determined not to become a flustered, frumpy auntie in the process.

“Most mums lose their sexiness because they give up too much for their baby. They totally change their lifestyles around,” she said.

“I’m determined not to lose my personality. I’ll still go travelling with my husband and we make it a point to have date nights every week. My single girlfriends and I still dress up and go to beautiful places for tea. For those couple of hours or so, I pretend to not be a mum!”

Watch her interview with RazorTV here.

Photos: Apple Daily HK

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