Model-actor Julien Kang arrested after loitering on the streets in underwear

26 September 2014 / 2 years 3 weeks ago

32 year-old model-actor Julien Kang was discovered loitering the streets in only his underwear on the afternoon of the Sep 18.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on the 25th, Kang was found wandering the streets of Yeoksamdong, Gangnam on the 18th at 3 PM KST, and was noticeably in a confused state of mind.

Onlookers reported him to the police seeing that something seemed off with him, especially by the way he was dressed, and the model-turned-actor was taken into the police station, reports dkpopnews.

​Julien Kang told the police,"I was drinking with my acquaintances last night from 11pm to 4am kst, then I returned home and couldn't remember anything afterwards. I don't understand why I behaved that way". 

Accoording to allkpop, he was also tested for narcotics on the 24th, for which the initial test came out negative.

The police will, however, put in a request to the National Forensic Service for another more detailed test on possible drug use later today.

According to another media outlet, agency reps also explained the background of the situation, commenting, "Julien Kang went to a club the day before for a group gathering with acquaintances. He didn't want to refuse the requests to drink so he kept drinking despite his low tolerance and ended up getting very drunk. Please just look past this as just a one-time occurence."

Video circulating on the internet shows Julien Kang being taken by the police.

Regarding the reports saying he was only in his underwear, his agency, Show Brothers Entertainment denied it and said he was wearing a shirt and a short pants, also he was with the manager while being investigated at the police station.

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