Mobbed by female fans but F4's Vic Zhou has no offers of romance

15 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Vic Zhou may have adoring females fans after his affections ever since he burst onto the scene as part of the Taiwanese boyband F4, but he is actually someone who doesn't have much of a chance of getting showered with hugs and love.Speaking at a press conference to promote his new movie, Zhou said: "I don't usually go out, and I don't socialise a lot so there isn't a lot of opportunities for me (to have women doing all these to me). Maybe if I changed my style of living, a budding romance can come up", reported China News.He added that many of his friends have advised him to enjoy life, and not be so serious all the time."I didn't bother much last time. But now, slowly, I'm beginning to open up. Nowadays, I like to take in the happenings and feelings of people around me."It's fulfilling in a way."

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