Miss Universe S'pore is a pharmaceutical technician and other things you should know about her

25 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Latashni Gobi Nathan
The New Paper
Jan 16, 2015

Will Miss Singapore make her mark at the Miss Universe pageant for the first time since 1987, when Marion Nicole Teo made the Top 10?

Well, one look at Rathi Menon and the answer is - yes. Her stunning beauty and grace is making us very confident that Singapore may finally have a real shot at at the Top 5 at the international competition, which will take place on Jan 25.

Here's why we think Rathi has a good shot:

1. She's stylish

Let's face it, the girl could throw on rags, still make them look like the next big trend and make you want to buy it.

Thankfully she has the fashion sense of a supermodel and knows exactly how to present herself as a classy, modern beauty.

2. She's smart

The 24 year old is a pharmaceutical technician at a vet centre and is passionate about animals. And when you hear her speak, you know she's confident and brainy. Even her answer at the the Miss Singapore Universe pageant was spot on.

Question: What would be the "worst case scenario" if the world becomes "deprived of the Internet"?

Rathi's answer: "It is these services that enables us to connect with loved ones near or far. Not knowing where they are or if they are in danger, I think that would be the worst scenario."

3. She's tall

Forget about standing next to her (guys included) because this sassy lady is 173cm tall, WITHOUT HEELS. Even with the standard 3-inch heels, she'll tower over you, standing tall at 181cm.

It's no wonder, looking at all the Miss Universe pictures up on Facebook, that this leggy Indian lady can match up to the heights of almost every other country's representative.

4. She's hot.

Super hot. Her cheekbones, her endless legs, her flawless glowing skin, her glorious locks, her killer smokey eyes ..... Need we say more. She even looks good without make-up!

5. She's interesting

Don't you just want to be her friend? I know I would (Hi Rathi =P).

She's cool - she rides motorbikes. She's compassionate - she's an animal lover. And just watch her official video interview for Miss Universe where she talks lovingly about her family and cooking - so down-to-earth.

How to not love her?' So what do you think? Could this be Singapore's year to finally get into the next round or maybe even into the top five? Find out when the Miss Universe finals happens on Jan 25.

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