Suzy's skimpy attire at concert leaves fans both outraged and excited

15 December 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

miss A’s Suzy has become a hot topic among netizens after photos of the singer and actress’s revealing outfit was shared online, raising differing reactions.

The thread titled, “The girl that changed as she stepped out,” shared several photos of Suzy on the stage alongside her group during a recent performance at the MBC Korean Music Wave in Beijing.

In the photos, Suzy can be seen wearing a black skirt, thigh-high socks, and a black-and-white stripped top that particularly gave attention to her cleavage with its wide opening.

Following the concert, Suzy took to Instagram to thank fans in Chinese, writing, “Thank you so much everyone (Xie xie ni men zhen de).”

Netizens left posts such as, “Why doesn’t she wear this type of costumes in our country [Korea]?”, “Suzy is a very pretty girl,” “I want to see miss A’s performance in China.”

The special episode of MBC’s 2014 Korean Music Wave in Beijing was aired on December 7th, reports Koreaboo.

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