miss A's Suzy reveals secret to maintaining her figure

27 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: allkpop, Korea Joongang Daily

Although Korean pop music girl group miss A's Suzy does not hold back on her cravings, she has somehow been able to maintain her good figure still -- due to a secret which she recently shared on a televised interview.

On an episode of MBC's 'Entertainment Relay' on Nov 25, Suzy revealed that her secret to maintaining her figure was to just give dinner a miss.

She said: "I just eat everything I want, but I try to skip dinner."

When asked which part of her body she’s most confident in, Suzy chose her shoulders and said that fellow Korean celebrity Lee Hyori is the female celebrity with a slim figure she’s most envious of.

Suzy also said that she cannot resist ramen, and that she gives in to late-night bites as well "because you can't resist ramen".

Check out the gallery below for photos of miss A's concert last concert in Singapore.

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