miss A's Suzy to do sexy dance if TV show does well

1 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

miss A’s Suzy made a very tempting offer if the viewership rating for the drama “Gu Family Book‘ would reach a certain amount.On March 31, she made an appearance in MBC’s “Section TV Update.‘ “Gu Family Book‘ will have its first broadcast on Apr 8.Soompi reported that Suzy stated: “I am currently expecting a viewership rating of 48.3%. If the viewership rating is over that amount I will wear the Dam Yeo Wool (Her character on “Gu Family Book‘) costume and do a sexy dance here at Konkuk University.‘During the broadcast she was also asked, “Do you currently have a boyfriend?‘ She replied, “No.‘ Before, we had reported that Suzy appeared at Konkuk University and drew a crowd!

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